Meet the Staff

Marc HausmanManaging Partner

Marc leads the Bluetree team and has been in the construction industry all his life. Growing up in a remodeling company and cabinet shop then pursuing a degree in architecture has made him a stickler for details. Marc is the guy with compelling ideas and delivers inclusive solutions through dynamic problem-solving.

Kraig ArthurDirector of Sales

Kraig came to Bluetree with a plethora of experience in Sales and Management.  Before he was our guy, among other things, he was the manager of Engineering Design for AT&T as well as a sole proprietor of a construction company.  Kraig’s experiences, his motivation, his work ethic, and his sense of humor make him the perfect Director of Sales for our team.

Chris CarriganDirector of Engineering

Chris is known around Bluetree as ‘the professor’. His unparalleled industry knowledge and respected leadership keep projects going from start to finish. Chris has the ability to design, build, install, supervise, and/or fix almost anything as needed. This ability makes him the natural Director of Engineering for our team.

Mike RichardsonDirector of Production

Mike is a born leader. His trail from employee to department head to project manager to production team lead has been facilitated by his natural leadership skills and calming influence. Mike is the fulcrum and filter between our project managers and the production team. He’s a respected guy with practical experience and this is why he’s our Director of Production.

Tyler HausmanController

Tyler was born into a construction family and has been around commercial construction all his life. With a degree in Business Administration, Tyler spent 15 years working in several capacities in the financial world but always keeping construction in the peripheral. We were lucky enough for him to come onboard as our Controller using both his finance and construction experience to keep things running smoothly.

Kevin MyersEstimator

Kevin is an information machine from Pitt State University class of 1981.  His observations and experience for remembering details are uncanny. Kevin’s by the book nature produces consistent results time and time again within the estimating department.

Justin GardnerMachining Department Head

Justin is quiet, precise, and efficient.  He’s been running our CNC equipment since the early days and understands what’s behind the G-Code that engineering produces + what parts are supposed to go where.  This marriage of experience and knowledge allows the machining department to keep our output correct and at an optimum level.

Noah BecerraDirector of Projects

Noah started as a project manager with several years of experience, some military training, and an education in construction management.  He is detailed, thorough and friendly and has worked his way up to lead our Project Management team as the Director of Projects.

Melissa RyserDesigner

Melissa started as an intern in 2005 and quickly became a full time valued member of the team. With her education and experience in the interior design field, Melissa is very good with softening the mainly male construction perspective. She is assertive with subjects she is passionate about while being open to new ideas. It’s a tough balance that she seems to achieve regularly with ease.

Travis RenoEngineering

Travis is a detail guy.  After working in the shop for almost 20 years he made a move to the office and became a project assistant but he’s truly more of a project engineer.  Travis’ practical shop experience, attention to detail, and particular nature make for a good fit when figuring out how to turn a drawing into a reality. 

Matthew LongEngineering

Some call him the AutoCAD “Wizard”, some prefer to call him the AutoCAD “Guru”, but no matter how you say it, Matthew is the guy who assists when someone has an issue with AutoCAD.  Over the years he has perfected his AutoCAD skills and his attention to detail as well as his general knowledge of G-Code and CNC Machinery.  He is a hard worker and is always ready to learn new things making him a great fit for the Engineering Team.

Dan TameriusProcurement / Estimator

Having spent most of his adult life managing lumberyards, where he was responsible for purchasing, Dan assumed he knew exactly what being a Purchasing Manager at Bluetree would entail.  He had no idea his job title would actually mean: to expedite, accelerate, hurry, hasten, etc. That being said, He has grown to love the challenges that are presented to him… and Dan gets it done!

Emily StoneAccounting

Emily is a key part of our accounting department because her experience and observations lead to logical solutions.  She is a stickler for details and leads our A/P and Payroll so she’s also a favorite of our team and our vendors.

Ashley GriffeyExecutive Assistant

Ashley is awesome!  She came to Bluetree from the banking industry to be an executive assistant but her clerical skills and attention to detail make her that and so much more.  She’s an integral part of making everything run smooth and everyone well informed.

Roger FrakesLocal Project Manager

Roger is the guy the locals call when they need cabinetry.  With his extensive carpentry background as well as his life chapters as a project manager and as a cabinet shop owner, he understands how to help.  Roger leads our local work and manages projects from sales to design to completion and is a great addition to any project.

Phil ThumanShipping Department Head / Quality Control

Phil has worked his way through the shop over the last 20+ years from our finish department through lumber and assembly all while honing his skills and knowledge of our operation.  With all his experience, he is a natural to be our final quality control check and verify all the parts and pieces are correct, free of defects, and on the truck.

Jimmy FransMetal Department Head

Jimmy is a master metal worker with exceptional welding and fabrication skills but he is also a great department head.  He runs our metal fabrication operation with productive precision drawing on his experiences as a supervisor for an ISO 9001 certified factory as well as a self-employed small business.  It’s a perfect balance.

John HartLumber Department Head

John is a great woodworker with management skills learned from a dairy farm in his adolescent years and honed over the years.  He is practical, thoughtful, and purposeful in what he and his department accomplish in a days time.  John has a broad skill set and an efficient manner about him so he also leads our local installations in addition to his Lumber Department Head duties.

Todd RoseberryAssembly Department Head

Todd is a great craftsman and believer in wanting what he builds to be the best it can be.  He’s the guy who works with cabinetry all day, then goes home to his shop to work on more cabinetry in the evenings and weekends for fun.  He leads talented, efficient carpenters who build all the fixtures that we produce and makes it look easy.